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Q1: Who are you and what do you do? (think blind date stylee)

Q1: Who are you and what do you do? (think blind date stylee)

Ok, my name is Thomas Oliver, im 21 and i’m a Student, studying Graphic Design at University Campus Suffolk in Ipswich UK.

I work part time at Homebase as a sales adviser, i also work part time at Pedal Power Cycles as a Cycle Technician, and finally i work at LemonTreeStudio part time. So i’m usually very busy

Q2: I know you are from a graphics background like me… but why Lomography?

I was introduced to Lomography by someone on my Art course at college, but never actually got caught up with it until about 6 months ago. I love the colours and the contrast that so many of the cameras can produce, but mainly its just the sheer potential of analogue photography (Lomography in particular) with many different cameras that do so many different things! check out my lomo story for the full story

Q3: Can you name five things that mean the world to you and why?

  • As a Christian, Jesus is important to me – he helps me through some hard times and some not so hard times, i love the idea of documenting my life through photography, however never seem to have my camera there through the hard times, and if i do, it’s inappropriate
  • My girlfriend Jem is one of the most important parts of my life along with my family and other friends
  • Bbviously all of my cameras and Lomography is an important part of my life for the same reason that it is for most people who are reading this!
  • I ride a BMX bike and this has always been a way of clearing my head, and is also a huge focus for my photography
  • Graphic design, it has helped me understand a lot about photography. Similar principals apply in both disciplines.

Q4: What is the ULTIMATE in cameras for you? (do you own it?)

Hmm, this is a tough one, there are so many cameras i would like, but i dont think i can put my finger on any one that would change my life particularly. I guess i always wanted an LCA, but i got one from my girlfriend for my birthday recently. (I get the 1st roll back from the lab in a couple of days, so watch this space) because of the LCA’s flexibility and size it is probably the one I will end up taking everywhere with me! It is the classic LOMO camera and always will be, so i’d probably say the LCA is the ULTIMATE CAMERA.

Q5: Is there a special location you would love to go back in time and shoot that you missed?

I was born during the Great Storm of 1987.(most people from the UK who are over 21 will know what im talking about probably) I wish I could’ve taken photos of something like that. I know it ruined lives and houses and was a disaster, however the photographs would have been incredible and I know that if there was something similar today i would be snapping like crazy!

Q6: Medium format or 35mm?

Ok, so i’f i’d answered these questions when i was given them (sorry Han for being slow), i would have said 35mm, because i can use it in my LCA, Fisheye, Zenit, Pinhole, Actionsampler,…most things, Holga too, and its cheaper and more places develop it etc… (the usual reasons)

But this morning in the post, I received my negs back from Spectrum of my first attempt with a Fuji Provia 120 roll and i am so so sooo pleased with the outcome i cant wait to try more. it has totally changed my whole perspective on 120 film…i know I’d probably still get similar results from a 35mm provia, but I do really love medium format and the fact that when Im shooting my friends at the skatepark and people see my red Holga they say “how many mega pixels has that got?” and i just say none, but it’s better than any camera you’ll ever own!

Q7: How’s the new life with the Horizon?

Well i had to give her back cos i was actually only borrowing her from a friend_ (check it out)
I love the horizon so much and will have to buy one eventually, its just I need to get some more piggies first :)
My first shots are so much better than I thought they would be, I’m hooked, and Charlotte may find me asking to borrow it again if i don’t buy one soon.
She is fairly new to Lomo, but with a camera like that and her artistic mind, I know she’ll be as addicted to this as I am in a few months time!

Q8: and finally… Cheese on toast or a Cheese toasty?

This is probably the hardest question you’ve ever asked me because i think i do have a cheese addiction, especially when it is melted on or in toasted bread.

I’m going to be different and say a cheese toasty on cheese on toast with ham and tomato puree in the toasty with the cheese and beans on top of the lot.

I know this isn’t anything to do with any of the questions asked, but i set up my Lomohome on 1st July last year and in the past few months, I have made so many new friends, and been made to feel so welcome as part of the Lomo community on
I just want to say thanks to the following people for everything they have taught me or helped me with since I started:

  • hanspan
  • mattcharnock
  • mephisto19
  • myriam-l
  • scootiepye
  • Champi
  • TommyP
  • callumbum
  • zulupt
  • vicuna
  • hhjm
  • zulupt
  • Charlotte
  • sonjabean
  • slushy
  • totalgenervt
  • mpilita

If i have missed anyone off, i am sorry!

Thank You Han

thanks for doing this Tom! Much appreciate it <3 Hanspan

Tom – you are up next! Pick a friend and send in your interview!

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  1. hhjm
    hhjm ·

    Great.......... story Tom!!!

  2. sonjabean
    sonjabean ·

    Thanks for the love. :) By the way, the bag is in the mail to you. I'm not sure how long it will take to get across the pond, but hopefully you'll have it soon. :)

    Oh, and I like the 120 version of Provia more than the 35mm. I don't know why, you'd think it would be the same, but the 35mm (when you xpro it) comes out a lot more green than the 120 - at least where I've been getting it developed. Lomo on!

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    A cool story and thanks for the love! ;)) And you'll see that the world of 120 (and Holga) is really magic!
    Lomo on Tom!

  4. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    Good interview dudes, Tom if thats you in the 1st pic you look like the guy from This Is England!

  5. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    Thanks for this tom!!! :D
    glad you found Q8 as much a predicament as i do!!!

  6. myriam-l
    myriam-l ·

    hey, thanks for the thanks ;-)
    very interesting interview, and funny... the frenchy that I am appreciated the cheese part :-)

  7. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    cool interview and shots
    thanks for mentioning me

  8. amydances
    amydances ·

    I love your answers and shots...what film did you use for shot number 3...its beautiful!

  9. tom_ashor_bhaan
    tom_ashor_bhaan ·

    jesus sucks. rider rules.

  10. lomollete
    lomollete ·

    What do you mean? Jesus Rocks!! and very nice interview and pictures I like the "keep the gates closed at all times" and the "film" one (4 & 5)

  11. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    haha, thanks for all the comments everyone,

    @amydances i think that was a Kodak 100TMX

  12. _charlotte_
    _charlotte_ ·

    TOM! Lovely story, i really want some cheese, tomato and bean mix mash thingy on toast please... I need your help with some stuff, speak with you at uni.... i was just wondering what neg scanner you have..
    you know you can borrow the horizon anytime you want to!
    hope you are well, getting on with the work ok? BEING HUMAN.
    see you soon

  13. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Great interview Hanspan, very nice job ;)
    @ Oldskool rider: Thank you so much for the (double)credits on Q8 :DDDD, I´m glad to help a fellow Lomographer.

  14. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    haha, oops, i should really re read things before i send them

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