When it is over 40 ° C in Russia...

Those who are unable to swim, like many locals in the dirty Neva, can easily drive to the nearby beautiful beach in Solnechnoye.

The heat can sometimes be especially unbearable in large cities and what could be better than jumping into the cool waters? The ticket into Solnechnoye costs 105 rubles for round trip i.e just under 3 euros, and merely takes 40 minutes.

When you get there on a hot day, you will run into huge crowds of people who all have the same goal: the beach! Consequently, one can get lost on the road to the beach – 5km from the railway station to the sea. The seemingly endless path through a forest, past small houses, reminiscent of the nearby Finland. But the trip is worth it, the beach is not huge, and despite thousands of people crowding around, one may even see crickets everywhere!

written by elfefee on 2011-08-12 #places #sea #water #swimming #summer #russia #location #beach #st-petersburg #travel-destinations #refrigeration
translated by jcyx243

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