Copenhagen (main city and Christiania)


By coincidence, I had the good fortune this year in March to fly to Copenhagen for a weekend – for free! The flight from Frankfurt (main) is incredibly fast, shortly after you have prepared your camera, you are already there.

The city itself is relatively small and has only 50,000 inhabitants or about one seventh of Berlin. But that’s nothing. Copenhagen is situated on the largest island in Denmark and is divided into six districts, the city core and bridge districts. At that time, I only had enough time to see two parts: the core city and Christianshavn. Both are super photogenic.

The town center is comfortable, has all sorts of crooked streets and designer shops. Unfortunately, these are all very expensive (like pretty much everything else in Copenhagen). But if one has a bit of time – or take a little time – there are also “affordable” things. Going out towards the sea, you will pass numerous canals. They’re a little reminiscent of a modern Venice or Amsterdam, because you can see there houses that have their own boats hanging on the garden fence. Copenhagen is a very clean city, all the new houses being built sets the tone of it in many ways, the architecture is simply stunning. It currently appears a lot in magazines and newspapers.

Christianshavn is home to perhaps one of the most interesting places where I was before: Christiania. Christiania is a free state in the middle of Copenhagen. Here, there are hippies, bohemians, the homeless and other dropouts. They live peacefully with each other and by their own rules.

During the day, many tourists come to the numerous cafes, bars and shops. But at night Christiania has a lot to offer, there will be concerts and parties on the grounds and in the huge old warehouses. Unfortunately, you may not photograph anywhere, but if one keeps a certain amount of discretion (and not near the so-called “Pusher Street”) photography is not a problem.

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translated by jcyx243


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    what cameras and film did you use? :)

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    aawh i was gonna ask that! haha. but yea i wanna know too please? (:

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