Rock the Kasbah, a Gig in Coventry


If you happen to be near Coventry and you want to go and see a really decent gig, then check out the listings at The Kasbah, the best place for gigs and club nights in this small Midlands town.

Credits: fletchinski84

The Kasbah is what used to be The Coventry Coliseum when my girlfriend used to live there. And for the first 2 years of us visiting her parents we would always go there for a beer and dance – and sometimes a gig. In recent years, this venue has become the Kasbah and got a bit of a makeover. It is still very much the same sweaty venue though and hosts gigs in the smaller side room. The drinks are cheap, the atmosphere is friendly and you can get really up close and personal if you go to a gig because the stage isn’t really raised and the barriers are so close to the front.

I was lucky enough to go and see The Selector there in January this year and took my previously untested Halina AF800. I can’t say the band were as good as they used to be, as they are now minus Pauline Black who tours as a solo artist. I was a bit disappointed with their choice of replacement as they had picked quite a young preppy looking bloke with a very, very deep voice. This was not what we expected and if you are familiar with their classics such as ‘On My Radio’ you will understand how they were not written for a male voice, let alone a deep male voice at all.

Credits: fletchinski84

Neol Davies was still a bit of a legend and as Coventry has quite a thorough history with ska music, you could kind of tell he enjoyed playing back in the Midlands. We stood right at the front throughout so it was a good opportunity to take some shots with my new camera, both with and without the flash.

Credits: fletchinski84

You can find the Kasbah on Primrose Hill Street, just outside of Coventry City Centre, but close enough to walk.

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  1. alicemay
    alicemay ·

    i love the "kasbah" but it will always be the "colly" to me :D

  2. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Me too @alicemay!!!

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