Get That Vignetting You Love on a Holga 135 With the Wide Angle 0.5x Lens


If the Holga 135 BC’s vignetting is too much for you, but the Holga 135 doesn’t have nearly any vignetting at all, you can find a happy medium. Simply add the Wide Angle 0.5x Lens, and voila! You have the classic vignetting we all know and love.

Not too long ago, I purchased the Holga 135. I read no reviews, had never heard of the 135 BC, and most definitely did not have the money to spend on 120 film for the more classic Holga 120. Do I regret any of this? Well, I did at first, but not anymore! The vignetting with the BC cuts so much out of the image rather than adding the slightly darkened corners we desire. The Holga 135 can easily give that much loved effect with the wide angle lens.

These six pictures have all been taken using the Wide Angle Lens.

There is quite a big difference as you can see in the pictures, so if you’re looking for vignetting and have about $16 to spend, there is your solution! Not to mention having a wider angle is also very helpful and ensures you cut nothing out of your picture that you are looking to keep in. This lens is more of a necessity than an optional add on for any Holga user.

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    really cool advice thank you very much!

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