Lomolitos on New Year's Eve!


With New Year’s Eve fast approaching and a date with my boyfriend and his little sister in sight, I knew I was gonna need to capture all the different feelings of that night: closeness with family, excitement for the new year, reflection of the past, and a whole lotta chaos; I had to decide what camera(s) to have on me that would be versatile enough to handle the night. I then looked under our tree (it’s fake…we tend to put off taking it down) and saw one of my favorite Christmas presents: a four pack of Lomolitos! I knew this would be the lucky night to break them in.

Lomolitos are “disposable” cameras with little color filters over the flash that enhance your photos with four different tones: red, yellow, green and blue. I was lucky enough to get a four pack containing one of each for Christmas. Though disposable cameras tend to not provide the greatest quality of photos, these gems gave me some wonderful, memorable shots. The greens all had a sort of antique feel to them that reminds me of LCA shots. The reds, which are more toward the pink end compared to redscale film, showed excitement and movement perfectly suitable for the antics of that evening. And by the time it was almost midnight I had broken into the yellows, which froze the greatest moments of that night into beautiful and lively shots; something about seeing photos with that yellowish tint makes me feel nostalgic. I’m saving the blue one for a trip to the ice skating rink.

Speaking of “saving” these cameras…they are so ridiculously easy to reload! Just peel off a tiny part of the sticker, pop open the back, and pull out the film (it’s already rewound upon taking the last photo). When you reload film, you’ll actually unwind it into the camera so that once you’re taking photos, you’ll be again winding it back into its spool. This is why I say these cameras are “disposable”…they are really an investment in great story telling devices! Maybe I’ll break into that blue one a little sooner….starts fumbling with the package
My only recommendation: keep an eye on the filters, as they are tiny, thin strips that can easily slide off the flash, causing you to take a shot occasionally with no color was added.
So, add some color to your life! Capture those family get-togethers with added flavor, spice up a photo of you and your significant other, or have a crazy photo shoot with your cat (maybe that’s just me…). ALL of this AND more can be accomplished with a little help from my new friends, Lomolitos!

Check out the Lomolitos microsite here

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    thank you, it was a really fun night!

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    no 6 is funny!

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