Acrylic Filter Experiement vol.1


Wouldn’t you like to put more sparkle/shine into a scenery with nothing? Try acrylic filters to give your photos an unmistakable shine!

By placing the chandelier-like ‘filter’ in front of the lens, you will achieve a more drastic and mysterious photo.

What you’ll need:

  • An acrylic part similar to that attached to a chandelier.
    (Basically something you can see through. Something with a bit of colour is also okay. It’ll be easy to attach to the camera if there is a small hole at each end)
  • Stretchy string (like fishing line)
  • Scissors

Thread the stretchy string through both ends of the (chandelier) part.

Attach it to the camera!

The split/refraction will change depending on the tilt.

Multiple exposure combinations yields very interesting results.

This is an experiment so it’s not as sparkly, and it may be shinier/sparklier depending on your choice of lighting and film.

Please try it, and let me know which technique you’ve used! :)

written by liliyaeuy on 2011-08-15 #gear #tutorials #chandelier #experiment #filter #sparkling #tipster #acrylic
translated by cheese

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  1. rhemaangel
    rhemaangel ·

    Very nice effects. Dreamy & would look good as backgrounds on handmade greeting cards.

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