Seoul, Behind the Scenes

On the last days of my trip, I decide to explore my neighbourhood a little more thoroughly.

Credits: wallflowersforjane

I have been to Seoul twice and both times I stayed at the same hostel, Backpackers INSIDE (a big shout out to Min and the rest of the crew). Everyday, we clatter down the stairs, take the short walk to the nearest subway station to begin our exploration of Seoul.

On one of last few days of my second trip, it hit me that while I knew the main street and the route I walk every morning very well, I have never really explored the side roads and alleys of my home in Seoul. To remedy this deficiency, I set off by myself the next morning to explore.

I found amazing things. Cafes hidden away from the main street. A cat mural. Beer bottles stacked in a roll.

Credits: wallflowersforjane

A small quirky art museum with a wall full of found objects. Woodstock. Beer bottles and wine pots stacked collected outside restaurants.

Credits: wallflowersforjane

Everyday objects, a secret garden, and a cat.

Credits: wallflowersforjane

It just goes to show how much of Seoul there is to explore. Don’t just go to the tourist spots, take a walk around your own place and discover Seoul behind the scenes.

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