La Alhambra in Granada


One of the most magnificent and visited places in Granada, Spain: the Alhambra, a magical place that all lomographers should visit.

The Alhambra, which is located at the top of Granada, reigns over the city and allows you to see places that the human eye couldn’t see anymore from a regular standpoint. It is one of the most emblematic places of the city (and the most famous one), you can see on one side the city, and in the other, the Albaicín, where sunsets seem to be taken from tales of a thousand and one nights.

Currently, Alhambra receives thousands of visitors everyday from all places of the world, lots of Asian tourists, Erasmus students, and many European (and Spanish people too).

Alhambra was the place where the court and the monarch of the Nazari Kingdom of Granada lived, the place is full of art, but one of the most important things is its great location.

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During your visit you can check out all the rooms and residential zones, gardens, weapons…well, in fact you can enter fully in the history of the Alhambra and admire their treasures covering all rooms and walls. For more information on visits, times and prices, you can visit the official website of the Alhambra or search in the net, which is full of information about this place and the rest of the city.

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I remember Alhambra especially for its sunset, when the sun is falling slowly on the horizon, people say that it’s one of the best sunsets in the world. You’ll fall in love with the city because it’s a mix of cultures, you can feel like you’re in another country sometimes and you can feel like you’re also going back in time.

Credits: carlosbull
Credits: carlosbull

And in the middle of that, a great natural paradise that surrounds the Alhambra which has passed many stories and battles before all the tourists came. Something almost incredible is the way all the mountains, the palace, and gardens are supplied well supplied with flowing water. It’s constantly moving and looks so magical and special that everyone should visit it at least once in their life.

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