Train Stations


Train Stations, why do we like them now that we can already travel by plane?

As any amateur photographer, we all love taking train rides, those railways that lead you to all sorts of destinations, straight lines on the ground that separate you from reality and towards your place of escape; the stations which have its fair share of welcomes and farewells, tears and laughter, and of course, that classic farewell with a loved one waving a handkerchief before disappearing in the mist.

Today, seeing my first tests with the Redscale, I found this big surprise:

The truth is that I like this photo… I like it so much but I think it represents the loneliness of an empty, almost abandoned, railway station. But no, it’s the Vicalvaro Train Station in Madrid. I remember that I took this photo one evening on my way back home, the station looked empty and I took out my Diana Mini, which I always carry in my purse and took shots, and this is the result.

In my “hot” mind, one who wants to be a writer, this station contains a lot of history, or this is a little more discreet in Aluche in the underground.

The train, the underground both are so photogenic with its cables, straight lines, structures from the last century which curves in some modern metro stations, crystals, and abandoned places.

Have you also taken photos of train stations?

written by serialgirl on 2011-08-05 #places #railway #location #tren #urban-adventures #estacion
translated by carlosbull

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  1. doctorsavoy
    doctorsavoy ·

    maybe it's the timeless combination of movement (or rather the expectation of it) and the serene stability of the structures, that also encase the transports rather than only serve as waiting halls like airports or even bus terminals. does my idea make any sense?:)

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