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The Fuji Instax 100 is an quite old instant cam, coming from the end of the 90’s, quite different (and ugly) compared to the modern Fuji instax 200.

I wanted a instant cam. A “Pola” as we say in France. But, now, “Polaroid est mort, vive Fuji!”
I started with some instax mini (check my other reviews!) because they are cheaper and easier. So I buy the 55, the 50, I offer the 20… I confess that I’m a fuji instax maniac for 2 years now (and about 300 pictures…). But the “great-beautiful-strange-lovely-magic-as-a-polaroid”, as known as the Wide, was my target.

So, I decided to buy it. I looked e-bay, as a lover searching for a beautiful brunette…I found my (blue) brunette, and buy it, 20 € with the bag. Good deal, but hazardous because the cam was 10 years old. Well, for the design the instax wide 100 is ugly, even if you like abstract art. And the cam is GIANT, a pocket is not enough, but a small bag no more!

Start… The lens extends from the body! WOW! Don’t be afraid! There is a two zone focus lens (for close-up –but less than 1 meter is hazardous because of flash -and distance shots), a lowlight automatic flash. There is also a comfortable grip design, quite small compare to the enormous camera. Pictures come out of the top. But, bad news, the cam don’t have a timer. Words are very unnecessary sometime: looks the pictures in this review, they were made with my instax Wide 100, from September to October (cloudy), and during parties. They are quite dark, compare to pics of the instax wide 200, but I like this vintage darky spirit, like if the pictures were coming from the 80’s. I hope you like it.

The Wide has a liquid crystal display to show how many pictures you have, On this LCD, one day, appeared a strange “E”. But the cam was not empty at all. I tried everything, including Indian prayer, changing batteries (4 LR4 inside) and voodoo: my cam never start again. Rest In Peace instax wide 100.
Of course, you imagine now why I will write soon an other review, but about the instax wide 200 this time!

written by anglemort on 2009-08-20 #gear #people #review #instant-fuji-instax-100-wide-parties-polaroid-christmas-tree


  1. graefin
    graefin ·

    I got one two weeks ago and after the 3rd pictures I also got this wonderful "E" the lens got stuck while it moved out of the camera but somehow I managed to fix it and now it works. Give it another try ;) I sure will when I finally buy new film...

  2. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    i got one of these from a car boot sale a couple of months ago...cost me £1.50....i still havent run any film through it yet though....cant afford to buy film

  3. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    Does it accept the same instax film like Diana Instax back?

  4. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Some great portraits in here!

  5. zorgzorg
    zorgzorg ·

    what about instant wide 210 it looks even more like a camera!

  6. babo
    babo ·

    @ breakphreak: No, it uses the Instax wide film (more similar to the polaroid spectra size)

    @zorg zorg; I had an Instax 100 and exchanged it for a 200 and I found out that they are exactly the same camera with a different body and better looks on the 200 (on my humble opinion). Since they mantained the lens and inner mechanisms I guess that the 210 is just another look change on the same camera!

    @ anglemort: Loved your review! I was thinking about doing one myself of the Instax 100 (and another on the 200). I just have to disagree about the dark look, compared to the 200, because I didn`t notice any difference between my 2 cameras. It was probably a problem on your 100 (or maybe you took the pictures of too far away subjects).

    Anyway, loved your pics! Great review

  7. golfpunkgirl
    golfpunkgirl ·

    i found this camera in a vintage shop for 2euros! still havent any film for it though...

  8. flipperkoning
    flipperkoning ·

    Found a fine example in the recyclestore and there was still the note in the battery commpartment with instructions how to load and reload the batteries.
    load from left right, 1>4>2>3
    unload from left right, 3>2>4>1
    Maybe that was the reason for the error?

    This makes me want to charge the batteries and give the camera a go!

  9. ecchymoses
    ecchymoses ·

    merci et bravo pour cet article !
    karma alt pour que le wide 100 ressuscite ;D

  10. rafeira
    rafeira ·

    I was talking to my boyfriend about how much i wanted and instant camera and he just blurted out that his father had a lot of them at home... that's how i got my Fuji Instax 100!!
    Does anyone know what film I can use with it? It seems impossible to find the film we used a few years back...

  11. michaelwongsee
    michaelwongsee ·

    You can use the Fujifilm Instax Wide film.
    Goes for about 20/25 USD on eBay.
    Hope that helps!

  12. rafeira
    rafeira ·

    Thank you so much! :D It does help!

  13. gabi_
    gabi_ ·

    I love this camera... better than all of instax minis... Makes clearer photos and doesnt overexpose

  14. harciuborka
    harciuborka ·

    Nagyon jó , én most teszek rá egy Compur lencsét illetve zárat , ki öszvér lesz de legalább én tudom az idöket beállítani 4,7/110mm

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