Ansco Pix: A Small Camera That Fits Into Any Style

Travel light and capture pictures in daylight,super lightweight and black in color, looking very classy and fit into any style.

When I want to travel light and capture pictures in daylight, this is a camera that comes into my mind. It is super lightweight and black in color, looking very classy and fits into any style.

The first time I held the camera in my hand, I actually thought that this camera is something out of the ordinary. It is an Ansco camera after all, the giant company from Germany. It is super lightweight and I’m considering it as a ‘pocket camera’ because it’s easy to carry. It’s still super lightweight with the film inside, that actually leads me to open the camera back and check the whether the film is in or not. But it’s pretty awesome because it gives my photos some light leaks and ‘flame effect’.

The viewfinder is bright but I usually don’t use it because it has been a habit of mine to shoot without looking into viewfinder. Don’t think just shoot, right?

The design is simple; looks like a small black box and it helps me make it ‘invisible’ when shooting photos. People usually don’t realize it is a camera until I start shoot with it. The shutter sound also really quiet. Although it sounds so ‘plastic’, it’s quite enough for a point and shoot camera.

The front lid also can open and close to protect the lens from dust or scratch. When it closes, the shutter also turns ‘off’ and it helps me a lot because it prevents the camera from taking photos in my pocket or bag. I had very bad experience about this. It always happens to me whenever I use the Vivitar UWS. My bad.

Here some photos I took using this camera. Its plastic lens helps the photos become saturated and awesome.

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