Tell That To Agfa CT Precisa!


Yielding a bluish (and sometimes, greenish-slash-yellowish) tones that are often quite unpredictable, let me say that this film is simply one of the best!

Agfa CT Precisa is a color slide film that yields a 100 ISO so we can shoot perfectly under the sun. This film, due to its high demand, has once reached its peak from every seller that buying one film of this can help you donate either one of your kidneys. Anyway, I love this film (from the very start). Using it since 2008, I fell in-loved with the Agfa CT Precisa’s rich deep blue colors and unpredictable color saturation.

In my first roll of Agfa CT Precisa, I got a green to yellow color tones which definitely looks good especially the grains. However, on my second to fourth rolls of this film, I got a bluish tone that sets the mood especially when you shoot it together with a LOMO LC-A camera (the vignettes are adding up the drama).

All in all, I love this film. First, it is kind of “rare” and secondly, this is my number one film of all.

Now going to some technicalities, Agfa CT Precisa has two versions. I learned about this after wondering why my latest photos are not yielding like how I achieved them on my very first roll. They were firstly greenish to yellowish and albeit saturated but with the previous ones, all I got are just bluish in color. So I started searching about this and learned that this film has two versions.

Well, there is this (original) Agfa CT Precisa — the one that yields a blasting greenish-yellowish saturated colors and the (new) Agfa CT Precisa is all plain bluish in colors. Apparently, there are three versions of this film and you can check it in this link.

As far as I know, I love the (original) Agfa CT Precisa, which is considered to be as rare, because there are new ones right now that are available in the market. After all, who cares about the colors, right? I know I am enjoying this film and I might spend some cash buying stocks over the Lomography Shop (again).

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  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    I've heard that the Lomography xpro chrome is repackaged Agfa ct precisa, is that true?

  2. bulletofmine
    bulletofmine ·

    nice review! amazing photos you got!

    p/s:I dont think lomography xpro chrome repackaged the old Agfa CT. the result is just different

  3. iskandar
    iskandar ·

    you will get better result if you shoot using flash during sunny should try it!!

  4. pheebs
    pheebs ·

    @dearjme: our film wiz Dr. Uwe, says: "Nope, that's not true."

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