De Gaasperplas, A Hidden Paradise

Hidden at the end of Amsterdam Zuidoost (yes, the infamous Bijlmer area) there is a little man-made lake called the Gaasperplas. It’s a tiny paradise, perfect for relaxing with friends when the summer sun shines!

Photo by PretletterP

About 3 weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go along with him to the Gaasperplas. His best friend was celebrating his birthday there by having a South African ‘Braai’ (barbecue). I had just received my brand new Diana F+ and I still needed to go out and shoot a lot of film with it. I was especially curious about how the 35mm back would perform so I assembled my camera and took her with me

Photos by PretletterP

After a bit of a walk around the lake (which is no party when you’re carrying a crate of beer, trust me) we saw the location of the BBQ. Hurray! Time for some dead animals, beer, and a lot of fun! One of the good things about the Gaasperplas is that you’re actually allowed to have open fires in designated areas. A golden opportunity to lounge around with friends in the sun and stuff your face with some hamburgers or chicken wings.

Photo by PretletterP

My boyfriend’s best friend also had some tall tales to tell about the Gaasperplas – mainly about fishing. The lake itself is really great for fishing apparently, though that isn’t one of my hobbies. I really don’t enjoy being stationary for hours and then having to haul a fish out of the water. His passionate way of storytelling was great though and he was especially proud of a moment with a (from what I understood HUUUUUGE) fish he once caught.

Photo by PretletterP

The Gaasperplas is definitely a place you should check out if you have the chance. You can relax in the sun (or shade, there are a lot of trees there too) and you don’t have to get annoyed with the ridiculous amount of people that you would see in the Vondelpark.

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