Agfa CT Precisa


Agfa CT Precisa is a handy 35mm slide film, which can deliver some strong color shifts when cross processed. Cheap and cheerful it’s the stock in trade film for many Lomographers.

Credits: simonh82

If your browsing photos on this site, a quick look at the tag cloud for the films section will show you that a lot of Lomographers use a hell of a lot of Agfa CT Precisa. This slide film, which famously changed its emulsion after being discontinued for a short while, now yields results which tend to look yellowy green when cross processed. Whilst not my favorite slide film, the fact that Agfa CT Presica can be picked up very cheaply, means I always have some lying around at home.

The first rolls I shot were with my Diana F+ and Diana+ 35mm Back. When I got them back from the lab, they were very green. I didn’t mind the look too much, but when I got my own scanner later, I realized the results weren’t as dramatic as I had thought.

Original lab images
Rescan from the same roll

I’ve also shot this film in a proper SLR with automatic exposure and found the results to be very pleasing, with intense greens and yellows, but still showing the blue of the sky.

Credits: simonh82

One thing I would say is that this film doesn’t have a very wide exposure latitude, so landscapes where there are big contrasts between light dark elements can cause problems.

Credits: simonh82

I also tried playing around with it for some macro shots. These were quite pleasing, but the highlights were blown, so I lost a lot of the fine detail that I was hoping for. I guess x-pro and macro don’t really go that well if you want that level of detail. The exception to this was the last couple of shot on the film which somehow came out beautifully (the first ones below)!

Credits: simonh82

The AgfaPhoto CT Precisa captures your memories with exceptional color rendition and is ideal for sunny outdoor adventures. When cross-processed, you will see an overall color-shift as cool blue tones envelop your images. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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  1. optimus_fabrica
    optimus_fabrica ·

    Wow, amazing images, just bought a roll. ;)

  2. iskandar
    iskandar ·

    Agfa CT Precisa is an A.R.T of C.O.L.O.R

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