Glow in the dark Blue hour


The night LGS Milan turned into a rave party for a SuperPop! blue hour.

Exhibit A: Glowsticks, lights and freezing cold Jelly shots got our friends in the mood to Party with a capital P!

Exhibit B: Dj’s Virgi from Biting Lips Bitches and Francesco from the lonely guys blasted the best tunes that got our bones shaking.

Exhibit C: The Gallery speaks for itself.

Check for updates on the next party! We can’t promisse the superpop Limoncello game again but we’re sure something wild will happen very soon.

And remember… What happens at the Lomography Gallery Store of Milan, stays at the Lomography Gallery Store of Milan!

written by superchouette on 2011-07-15 #news #superpop-glow-in-the-dark-blue-hour

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