Full Moon Party

These pictures are from the real scene of the 1st Full Moon Party of

These pictures are from the real scene of the 1st Full Moon Party of
2007. What is a Full Moon party anyway? This event usually takes place on “Haad Rin” (Rin beach) on the famous “Koh Pangan” or Pangan Island located in the southern Thailand.

It’s super popular among the tourists, especially amongst backpackers. There are always about 20,000 up to 40,000 people on full moon party. Full moon party happens every month, because the moon is full every month, this is where you can find out the schedule:
The story goes that “Full moon” is when the tide in the ocean goes up to the highest level of the month, as same as the water in our body!. So
when the music is intense, it’s really binds your soul and spirit goes
up higher and higher… It’s a great even for one in a life time

There is “half moon”, “black moon” too but those are small event compare to the full moon party. The event is FREE for everybody to attend, but there will be a “Bucket Drink” (a combination of super strong Thai liqueur and pure Red Bull) you have to for that, if you want to have a really great time like others. The special thing about the party is “Freedom” and you can be crazy as much as you want. It’s actually a “RAVE” party, but outdoors. The music will take you really higher. People go wild on that night. That’s all I can say. It’s not recommend for kids under 20 to attend for sure.
F.Y.I "Please don’t take any belonging with you! Take
your shoes off and have fun, otherwise you will loose everything… I
lost my sandal!


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