Ellen Rogers' Aberrant Necropolis Book

Our queen of endearing portraits of magical muses is here with her new book, Aberrant Necropolis.

Ellen Rogers' recently launched book, Aberrant Necropolis, is an 80-page hardbound book with 72 photographs, meticulously taken and processed from 2008 to 2010. The book was designed by Ellen’s better half, Prizme, and its foreword was written by the wonderful Warren Ellis.

Ellen’s concepts and themes have always been mesmerizing. It is, indeed, a brilliant way to perpetuate her brimming film photographs through the glossy leaves of her very own book.

For more information about Aberrant Necropolis, you may visit Ellen's website.

Ellen Rogers is also a regular contributor of the Lomography Online Magazine. *Sepulchral* is her ongoing series for the Analogue Lifestyle section. She also has her exclusive interview, Instilled with Lustre and Wonder in the same section.

written by basterda on 2011-07-21 #news #books #ellen-rogers

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