The best coffee I had recently came from an unlikely place – a surf shop in the middle of New York City.

A cobblestone street in New York is probably the last place you’d imagine to find a surf shop/coffee shop, but that’s exactly where one is.

The front of the store has a selection of surfboards and a simple but beautiful wood espresso bar. They serve incredible La Colombe espresso in plain white cups stamped with their clean logo. The back stocks an assortment of surf gear and clothing as well as books, sneakers, sunglasses, and other things.

There’s a deck out back where you can sit and have your coffee but the too cool for school vibe can sometimes be a little too oppressive. Other than that, the people who work there are all very friendly and laid-back.

New York City has a strong surfing community, which actually makes sense. Every once in a while you might see somebody in a wet suit carrying a surfboard riding the subway and remember that the city is surrounded by water.

Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the SoHo area.

Saturday's Surf NYC
31 Crosby Street
NY 10013-2637

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