Greenwich Locksmiths

It seems sort of weird to have a preference for locksmiths, but once you see that the walls of Greenwich Locksmiths are completely covered with discarded keys, it all makes sense.

The store has been there since 1968, but the owner Phil Mortillaro only recently constructed and installed the key wall. The entire facade, as well as spots inside are covered with tens of thousands of keys. Even the chairs that sit outside the store are made entirely out of keys – all handmade by Mortillaro.

I’ve always passed by the store, but never gone in before. Recently I stopped by and asked to take some pictures. The owner was incredibly nice and chatty, and kept pointing out cool features in the place. He even seemed as interested in my LC-A as I was in the assortment of keys.

If you’re ever in the West Village and in need of some keys, stop by Greenwich Locksmiths, check out the wall, have a chat with the owner, and get an extra set of keys made!

Greenwich Locksmiths
56 7th Ave South
New York, NY

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