Celebrating the New Born Baby of Wolfgang & Otchie!

Today a new LomoStar was born, his name is Liam, new baby of Wolfgang the Lomography co-founder…

Wolfgang Stranzinger, Co-founder of Lomography, Otchie and Jonas

The celebration took place at Tung Po, the most beloved restaurant in Hong Kong among the Lomography staffs worldwide. We wish Liam a great and exciting Lomographic life ahead! Congratulations Wolfgang, his wife Otchie, his son Jonas, for he just got a new LomoBrother!

Also check out the warm greeting from the restaurant lady!

Oh and visit Tung Po if you happened to be in Hong Kong, meanwhile check out some exciting photos below taken from our Lomo gathering with my favorite Diana Mini ! Truly a magnificent place, and ask for Ruby who runs the place, he will be your craziest and warmest host ever!

written by tattso on 2011-07-14 #news #hong-kong #lomography #diana-mini #north-point #tung-po #wolfgnag

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