From Scratch, Just Like How Grandma Used to Make

An artist from Massachusetts pays homage to the lost tradition of making from the most basic parts – and in the funnest, and even yummiest, way possible.

Judith Klausner, in her pursuit to bring the act of “making” back to our collective conscience, created intriguing pieces that arguably taste as good as they look. Highlighting crafts such as embroidery and sculpture, as well as trends in making food, she came up with combinations of the aforementioned and wittingly called them art.

The collection is titled “From Scratch,” again harkening back to the days when trades involving the hands and a few raw materials were held in high regard. It includes Oreo cookie cameos, a condiment wallpaper, and needlework on toast and cereal.

The pieces are made out of real, perishable food items, such as the Oreo cookies, ketchup and mustard. In the case of embroidery, she used the usual thread and needle, and worked them through the slices of toasted bread and bits of the popular cereal, Chex.

The inherent delicateness of the food made the processes done unto them seem like harsh procedures. This is also the very reason that From Scratch is not only beautiful, but fascinating.

Photos via Judith Klausner

Although playful and seemingly trivial, Judith’s work upon thorough inspection shows the artist’s feminist slant. In her statement regarding From Scratch, she said that as a woman of the 21st century, her work is all about choice. This is in contrast to the old mundane requirements of the female gender, including cooking for a household at least three times a day.

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