Ruins of Brederode


A ride from Amsterdam to the fortress of Brederode passing through fascinating landscapes in the countryside. The ruins are a place lost in time and space, filled with history and memories. It’s an enchanted place to visit and lose some city stress.

I’ve already mentioned that one of the things that I like most in the Netherlands is to make bicycle tours. Every time that I have the opportunity and I’m presented with good weather, I try to escape from the city. Even if Amsterdam is not a big metropolis filled with stress, it always feels so good to be in the countryside and breathe real nature. It completely fulfills my green needs.

In one of those rides I went to the ruins of Brederode’s fortress. It’s a square fortress that I wanted to visit for some time mainly because of its appearance, the rough ruins. It’s easy to find yourself in the medieval times since the new updates, the renovated parts are actually very minimal what makes it appear very crude.

The fortress’ remains are in Santpoort, quite near Haarlem. The original building was made by William I, Lord of Brederode in1282. After being destroyed by the Kabeljauw troops under the command of Gijsbert van Nijenrode it was rebuilt entirely on its old foundations in the middle of the XIV century. After some adventures and misadventures through time, the castle was set on fire by the Spanish troops and later it slowly disappeared beneath the dunes. It was in 1862 when the ruins started to be excavated and some years later the fortress history researched.

In that day the people in charge of taking care of the ruins were preparing a medieval recreation fair. I was lucky enough to hear an explanation about their history from a guy who claimed to be a descendant of the Brederode family. It’s amusing how everything is so much easier to understand when you hear it from someone that has strong bonds with the story. We had a really interesting conversation about Europeans spreading out in the world, their different vision of conquer and how it’s still visible in the different mentalities in nowadays. Those kinds of conversations wherein at the end you get the feeling: yes, it makes sense!

My chosen film for this was the Lomography Redscale XR. This way I was able to catch the intensity and spell of the ruins, giving it an old and warm image. Also the photos whisper a story. I simply love the results.

It was a great day, in a lovely place, with a wonderful camera and film.

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