Holga, I Love You... And I Hate You


The love/hate relationship between a girl and her camera.

My obsession with photography started about 15 years ago. I have owned many cameras and have processed many rolls of film. However, I have never had such a hard time with photos as I do with my Holga 120CFN. We have a love/hate relationship, she and I.

At any random moment I can take a photo and it just looks glorious and other times…total crap. My film can be blurry, grainy, crisp or clean. The problem lies with the fact that she has no rhyme or reason to her actions, like any respectable woman, I suppose. Sometimes I feel that my Holga has a mind of her own. And, I swear that photos I did not take wind up in the negatives.

As all lomophyles know, there is a certain technique/artistic flair that is required when producing great lomographs. We all have good days and bad days with our cameras but I must admit…Holga frustrates me to no end. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I have her for and then I remember…she has vision. A vision to wrap subjects together in a volatile dance of light, shadow, texture and content. This mixture will inevitably make your ideas for great shots…sink or swim. And again, I swear there are photos that she takes on her own when I’m not around.

Anyone remember ‘Herbie the love bug’? That’s exactly how I see Holga. Fun, frustrating, cute and, vindictive…but, loyal and a great friend. Whenever I take my cameras out to shoot, she is always riding shotgun to get first dibs on whatever I find to photograph. Sure, I have dropped her, scratched her, neglected her and modified her…but I still love her.

Through the years I have noticed that she is best at outdoors, multi-exposures. Those shots are always cool, no matter what. The composition is a total mess but she frames it up in a pretty way. This is where I think she takes the wheel and steers. My sweet little Holga girl. Yes, I admit, I have thought about replacing her permanently with a dainty Diana but, I don’t think I ever will. <3 you Holga.

written by medusapadlock on 2011-08-15 #lifestyle #fun #photos #love #multiple-exposure #lomography #holga #frustration #user-review


  1. runbantayrun
    runbantayrun ·

    i feel you. same with my diana. she's just like a monster waiting to be tamed.

  2. medusapadlock
    medusapadlock ·

    silly little cameras

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