Field Recordings: An Exhibition by Bryan Graf

Bryan Graf is a photographer from New Jersey who uses black and white film to study and capture the wildlife in and around the swamps and woods of his town. This may sound like an ascetic treatment of nature’s lively colours – until you see the end results.

To create his dreamy ambient colour effects, Graf produces colour negatives without a lens exposing the films directly to ambient light without definition or focus. Combining these featureless yet colourful negatives in a dark room with their complementary black and white counterparts creates images reminiscent of light leaks and double exposures. In Graf’s photographs however, mesmerising abstract patterns of light and colour introduce an array of hallucinatory hues rarely seen in contemporary photography.

Images from Wildlife Analysis, along with a selection of Polaroids from The Sun Room: Interchanges, B-Sides & Remixes have just completed an exhibition, Field Recordings, at NYC’s Yancey Richardson Gallery.

For more information on Bryan Graf and his work, check out his site.


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