Enchantment of Toy Cameras -- Holga 135 BC


Including the lens, the whole Holga 135BC camera is made of plastic and looks cute. At that time, I bought it as my first Lomographic camera right after researching it!

After getting the Holga 135 BC, people around were mostly commend on the cute outlook, but some people ask that, “Why did I spend a relatively large value of money to buy a toy?” Even if it looks like a toy, we should not underestimate its power!

Plastic body, plastic lens, cute outlook, hotshoe for external flash, bulb shutter, MX without special setting, 4 ranges: 1m, 2m, 6m, 10m (to infinity), all these are basic functions of Holga; it can also use close-up lens, wide angle adaptor, and fisheye adaptor. All these accessories can give more fun when you shoot!

It’s nickname is Sunny Camera, as it actively performs under the sun, so people who love to play under the sun shouldn’t miss it! Of course, I’ve tried it on sunset hours and rainy days with light, the lomgraphs are full of surprises!

We can say that vignetting is its main feature. I wasn’t aware of it at the very beginning. After trying other cameras, I found that the vignetting of Holga 135 BC is so distinct! Especially facing it towards the light you can feel its deep tunnel vision!

Although the camera is rough, not fine, but I love it a lot. I just need to adjust a bit on focal range, push the shutter, “click”, and complete! No need to do a lot on settings, no need to think much, the fun after developing and print outs are so amazing and unexpected!

Extensive reading: Here are many fun ways to play with Holga! Just simple DIYs can add more interesting elements on the lomographs!

written by zoee on 2011-07-20 #gear #review #toy-camera #lomography #holga #holga-135-bc #user-review


  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Aww, wish you had put up some MX shots! But love them, nonetheless.

  2. camilaov
    camilaov ·

    I dont have my holga yet, but im so excited to take this and make amazing pictures just like yours!!

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