Mistakes That at the End, Have a Positive Turn Over


It’s inevitable, digital creeps into our lives and causes confusion! Yes, in my case it makes things much more complicated, but at the end the best resource is to use our lomo-analogue philosophy and keep on going.

I sent this pictures I took in Barcelona over to the lab to get printed:

Credits: susielomovitz

Rescanned with an awesome quality for a 20×30cm size, with really beautiful and intense blues, and I when I say blue I mean really blue.

I used to think that when you wanted to print something, files had to be on CMYK. But it appears it’s not always the case. I got an email from the lab saying: the files have to be on RGB, that they’ll change the files, no CMYK, but RGB. Isn’t CMYK the printing standard? The lab tells me that they only use RGB, that it’s now solved, and I can go and pick up my prints.

When I got my prints I ended up with this:

Susie: Oh my god! Umm, what’s this?

Very nice lady: Are you sure you sent the files on CMYK?

Susie: Yes, I did send them on CMYK, but you guys said…You know what? Let it go, next time I’ll send them on AR-GEE-BEE.

At the end, these prints seem curious, so little blue, and I kind of like them after all. Even though this proved to be a digital shenanigan, I’m assuming it with the lomo-analogue philosophy of “happy mistakes”, instead of being angry that I didn’t get the desired results, I’m happy with my photos.

Lomo-sophy on!

written by susielomovitz on 2011-08-09 #printing #lifestyle #analogue #digital #philosophy #cmyk #analogue-lifestyle #user-review #rgb
translated by guanatos

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