Yes we CAN!: DIY Lens Cap


Hooray, it’s summer (for us in the Northern hemisphere, at least). For today’s Tipster, let’s twist The Cap To Refreshment!!

I bought an Olympus zuiko 50mm f1.8 from Ebay for a steal price. Unfortunately, It didn’t come with lens cap. Then I read the article “Lost Your La Sardina Lens Cap?”:

But where in the world would I find a bottle cap with 50mm in diameter? After a considerable amount of time at 7-11, I came up with the idea. Here’s how I did it.

Note: this tipster is probably perfect for lens cap with 50mm diameter and less.

List of stuff you’ll need:

1) a can of whatever drink you like
2) a scissor
3) a waiver letter stating that you’ll not sue me if you cut your finger while attempting this tipster

Step 1: Empty the can

Step 2: Cut it open and flatten the sheet out

Step 3: trace your lens with a pencil for a perfect fit lens cap

Step 4: Cut the sheet into a shape as seen below

Step 5: fold it into a lens cap and secure the edge by crisscrossing the fringes and the flap

Step 6: Cut more thin strip and reenforce the edge

And Voila!

Thank you for reading!

written by mr-korn on 2011-08-14 #gear #tutorials #diy #lens #cap #can #lens-cap #coke #tipster #coca-cola #handicraft


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  1. photochrom
    photochrom ·

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. masfoto
    masfoto ·

    It's really cool, but looks very dangerous!!

  3. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·


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