The Different 'Fish' That Fits in this Little Can


In which our hero stuffs various rolls of film into a faux tin can of snack fish only to find that said can is a superb conduit for capturing clarity of meaning, light, and image. Or, playing with La Sardina and enjoying her company.

Ah, Sardina.

I’d wanted to try out a wide-angle camera and when the La Sardina was released, I felt the need to partake. Though there were 4 options to choose from, I went with the El Capitan as it had a flash and well, I wanted a flashy camera. The red really sets it apart from the rest of my arsenal.

The day I got it I had to burn a roll off. This first roll was just a regular old Kodak 200 color negative. I was sold from there. Beautiful vignetting, super wide focal range, and colored flash just made my day. In a little under half an hour I’d played with framing, the flash, and double exposures. Here’s a few samples from that first roll:

Next, I decided to take my time and take La Sardina on the road. On top of the previous praise I’ve heaped upon this camera I’d like to add beautiful sky shots. La Sardina took just gorgeous cloudy sky shots. One of the last pictures on this roll prompted me to do an experiment with the camera. I’d just read about street photographers shooting with wide angle lenses (28mm) and thought La Sardina could accomplish that easily. Samples from roll 2:

I’ve got a focus issue. Sometimes, I make plans or have ideas and then sort of forget about them and do something else. So, this next roll is actually a double exposure DIY redscale roll. It took some restraint to dedicate the camera to one roll twice with thought into what I was shooting. So, rather than record what I was shooting the first time I said to myself, “to hell with it.” And just shot, rewound the roll and shot over it again. In some cases the lack of certain manual controls let the second exposure obliterate the first, but for the most part the doubles on this roll turned out quite well:

So, finally I got to my street photography experiment. I loaded La Sardina with some C41 black and white film to see how it would turn out. At the local farmer’s market I managed to burn a roll off in about a half hour again. Then we went to a farm and I turned out another roll there. What I really enjoyed about using La Sardina like this was the simplistic focal settings creating a quick focus scenario for a subject. The one thing I learned about shooting with La Sardina this time around was that she requires an abundance of light, even with a 400 speed film. Here’s some samples of the black and white:

All in all I’ve really enjoyed shooting this this fancy little camera. The wide angle lets the photographer take in a lot of scene, the vignetting gives a very classic — distinct — look, and the simple settings allow for quick use in the street, or any, setting.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, I suggest you do. It’s cute, comes in 4 different colors, and is a dream to shoot with. Happy shooting!

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    Nice, have been looking for an unbiased review thanks! Great shots!

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