Fun with Analog Cameras at London Pride 2011

Every year in early July, Trafalgar Square has a big gay pride celebration. This year, I took along my Fisheye and my Robot 3 to record some of the fun.

Credits: ashdinosaur

My friends and I have a tradition of going along to gay pride celebration in the middle of London every year. This year, on the 2nd of July, it was no different.

We tramped into Trafalgar Square carrying cold drinks and sunscreen, on our way passing “no alcohol is permitted here” signs comically surrounded by several beer cans and vodka bottles, and sat down to chat and watch the parade.

Credits: ashdinosaur

It’s nice to see so many people that look “different” all come and have a great time, and it’s a shame that the UK is still so afraid of people that are “unusual” in various ways. But this day is a symbol of the potential for change. We’ve still got a long way to go, but if the history of London’s gay pride is any indicator, change is going to keep on coming. One day, the world will be as brimming with femmes and butches and Lady Gaga drag queens as central London was on this day.

Occasionally, a group of tourists would walk through the throng of people with befuddled looks on their faces as they no doubt wondered if London was like this every day.

Soon enough, our friend Victor arrived, clad in shiny leather trousers and a bondage harness. He had completely upstaged us, as we probably should have expected. He garnered lots of attention from various people with cameras, which I’m sure he relished. I was mostly reminded of Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, although sadly, Victor doesn’t have the “floofy” hair and look of pained childlike innocence to really attain the likeness.

Credits: ashdinosaur

Suddenly, I remembered that I’d brought bubbles, and we all got completely distracted by them, as did some friendly bubble-loving strangers.

Credits: ashdinosaur

We had a wonderful time this year.

For a fabulous and flamboyant summer street party, with friendly strangers and free music, come to pride next year. It’s great fun. Don’t forget your hot pants!

Credits: ashdinosaur

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