St. Basil's Cathedral: Russia's 450-Year-Old Beauty

Yesterday, St. Basil’s Cathedral, a Russian architectural wonder, celebrated its 450th anniversary. Read on to find out more and celebrate the foundation of the centuries-old stunner!

If you’ve been to Google’s homepage yesterday, you must have seen this beautiful and colorful digital art:

Photo via Ctrl, Alt + Delete

The latest of Google’s Doodles was created in celebration of the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Under the orders of Ivan IV of Russia, the cathedral was built in 1555 in Red Square, Moscow to commemorate the siege of Kazan and Astrakhan. Since the 14th century, the magnificent structure has been the city’s tourist charmer, geometric center, and seat of growth.

Formally named “The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat”, its more popular alternate name refers to a local saint, Basil the Blessed. The Russian Orthodox saint, who was classified as a yurodivy or “holy fool for Christ”, was buried on the site where the Trinity Cathedral once stood.

The famed structure, now a museum and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990, is without a doubt one of the most iconic and striking architectural wonders in the world. Even in Russia, there is no other building like it, fashioned to look like bonfire flames rising towards the sky. Legend has it that Ivan IV was so impressed with the work of Postnik Yakovlev, the man behind the cathedral’s design, that he had the brilliant architect blinded so he could never design any structure that can match the cathedral’s beauty ever again. But this was all but a myth, as Yakovlev was also able to work on the design of the Cathedral of the Annunciation and Kazan Kremlin.

Of course, our very own Lomographers won’t miss out on a chance to photograph the beautiful cathedral in film. So, to celebrate the founding of St. Basil’s Cathedral in true analogue fashion, let us take a look at the stunning snapshots of our very own Lomographers:

Credits: lauria, xxxanderrr, lipstick-lori, kuda-lomo & ckweir

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