Picture This! Winner


What trickery is this? Are we finally announcing missing rumbles from three years ago? Yes we are and once again, we ask your apologies for taking so long!

picture by sugiyamasatomi

Do you guys even remember joining this Picture This! competition? In any case, we wouldn’t want to ignore the thrilling submissions and of course, there’s 20 Piggies still at stake! So congratulations go out to tracyvmoore for this photo! There’s a story behind this and we’d like to hear it!

Credits: tracyvmoore

Here are the runners up with 5 Piggies each:

Credits: alexroarsatlyons
Credits: thaiseb

Check out the Competitions page for more ways to win piggies and other goodies! Please do check out our FAQ page for any rumble-related queries!

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  1. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    3 yrs??!!?? wow...

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