The One, The Only, SuperSampler


True to its name, the Supersampler is nothing short of super!

My favorite multi-lens camera is the Lomography SuperSampler; and who could blame me? Anyone who has used this camera, or saw a photo taken by it can attest to how freakishly insane it can get.

The SuperSampler takes 4 consecutive pseudopanoramic images in a 35×24 frame. There are two variants in speed: 2 seconds if you want to capture movement, or .2 second if you simply want to take 4 identical images.

Each of the four lenses are focus free, with shutter speed of about 1/100. Each frame is advanced, and the shutter is cocked by a unique rip cord mechanism.

With the SuperSampler, worrying about the final output or over concern with parallax distortion can be thrown out of the window because it is devoid of a view finder.

There are so many things about this camera to love, despite some glaring limitations, such as having a fixed shutter speed and aperture, or having no flash capacity. It’s practically useless at night, but loves sunlight.

You can really be creative with the SuperSampler! A key element of course is movement; either of the subject, or of the Lomographer. Catch people in action! Jumping, running, swinging, diving, and everything in between! As you take a photo, stretch, scan, twist and turn! The more agitated and erratic you are, the better! Just writing about the SuperSampler already makes me a bit jumpy.

The top 4 things I love about this camera are lens 1, lens 2, lens 3, and lens 4! The lenses on this baby are super impressive! Using your favorite slide film, extreme vignetting and saturation can be expected. Any textured subject really comes out mind-blowing! They look like paintings, almost! We all love it!

So, if you’re thinking about buying a multi-lens camera, before you consider any other cameras, consider the Supersampler first. If I become filthy rich, and buy all cameras I desire, there will always be a very special spot in my heart for my dear SuperSampler!

The SuperSampler, the queen of multilensed cameras, is now in black. It takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed 35mm photo. See all

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