The Rolling Stones: Lost and Found


Imagine getting a chance to photograph one of the biggest bands in the world, with the photos resulting from the shoot included as potential covers of their next album. Then imagine losing the negatives in a bizarre series of events, leaving you with just a single photograph to remember the whole thing by.

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That would be a horrible thing to happen, wouldn’t it? But that was exactly what happened to British photographer Peter Webb, who was able to photograph the Rolling Stones in 1970. The sole surviving photo from the shoot was included as an image on the inside cover of the Stones’ 1971 album Sticky Fingers. The negatives were lost for nearly four decades before they were found gathering dust in an unlabeled box, stored away in his brother-in-law’s attic.

The moral of the story might be to label all your negatives, especially those you give to your brother-in-law to store.

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The prints from these negatives will make up an exhibit called Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session. The exhibit will be on display at Snap Galleries, London from 16 July until 3 September.

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