Ninoy Aquino Owned a Rolleiflex!

Recently, the beloved Filipino hero and ex-journalist’s camera, which he used to cover the Korean war in 1949, was handed over to the foundation under his name for posterity.

The camera is no less than a Rolleiflex, a top-of-the-line German-manufactured camera. Its compact size, reduced weight and special mechanics are perfect for shooting from the hip, making it an ideal companion for any journalist on any assignment that requires stealth.

In the case of Senator Ninoy Aquino, the late father of the Philippines’ incumbent president, he was a young correspondent for then leading newspaper, Manila Times, assigned the task of covering the Korean war.

Photo via Wikipedia

His childhood friend and former chair of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes, Manuel Morato, had been in possession of the camera for over 27 years. He claims to have lost the camera’s certificate of ownership, preventing him from giving the camera to Ninoy’s late wife as well as ex-president, Cory. He said that without the certificate, the camera would be meaningless.

The very camera is featured on the left hand side of the back of PhP500 bills. Photo via Bulan Observer

Manuel obtained the “beautiful and unique” camera through Ninoy’s erstwhile photographer, who sold it to him in 1984 for PhP20,000. Now that he has found the certificate from one of his vaults, he sees the need to return the camera to its rightful place. But because he and the current Aquino administration have political differences, he chose to turn it over through another party, a reporter from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, who subsequently wrote about the story of Ninoy's famed Rolleiflex.

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