The Sweet Sweet Sounds of Found

What does one get when a 7” single meets a vat of milky chocolate? Probably something like the latest release of Edinburghian experimental-pop group Found.

Commemorating the release of their garage rock meets glitch track “Anti-Climb Paint,” they commissioned a baker friend of theirs to press 7” discs out of chocolate.

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Complete with an edible paper label, the super limited edition of their single plays a recognizable version of their tune, sacrificing a bit of hi-fi sound for a lot of chocolatey goodness. The disc is 100% edible, and upon closer inspection, one can actually feel the grooves of the track pressed into the chocolate. That’s something new: a physical representation of analogue sound on a literally yummy package.

For the curious, here is a video of Found performing “Anti-Climb Paint”:

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