OC Marketplace

The OC Marketplace is open every Saturday and Sunday at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Southern California. You can find anything and everything from homemade beef jerky to used RVs. Arm yourself with your favorite camera, lots of film, and a little money and you’re guaranteed to have a fun day.

Basically, the OC Fairgrounds is just a huge parking lot. But every weekend, hundreds of vendors swarm the place to sell pretty much anything you can imagine at a discounted price. Seriously, anything. You can buy cars, sunglasses, boats, steering wheels, cell phone accessories, fruit and vegetables, clothes, and much more. There’s usually a band playing on one of the stages and there’s always delicious food for sale. Most importantly, there are tons and tons – and tons of photo opportunities.

So if you live in Southern California and you’ve got a free weekend, go check out the OC Marketplace! Admission is $2 and it’s open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit http://www.ocmarketplace.com/contents/home.aspx for more info.

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