A couple of old dodgy wholesale shops converted into a bar? Yeah, you must be in Shoreditch.

Jaguar Shoes (or DreamBagsJaguarShoes to give it it’s full title) is something of a throwback to the Nathan Barley days of Shoreditch. Two old wholesale shops converted into a bar with scruffy furniture and a sweatbox cave of a basement complete with an obligatory DJ booth, this place is the epitome of a Shoreditch bar. And it’s surprising that this place is still going strong after all these years. That’s testament to its ability to change but not necessarily evolve. Constantly changing exhibitions mean it’s walls are covered with fresh new art (when I say covered I mean COVERED from ceiling to floor) and an eclectic music policy mean local creatives still drop in for a drink or two. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a drink, some music, and a bit of art in an interesting setting, you could do far worse than dropping in here for a couple. Plus you can reminisce about the good old days of the Shoreditch Twat in his natural surroundings.

written by uslan on 2011-09-16 #places #bar #location #shoreditch #lcg #night-on-the-town #jaguar-shoes #twat

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