LomoPeople: Dr. Jonfen Warrilovski


Because no-one else would be able to pull off that hat!

Credits: warrilow-tong

Dr. Jonfen Warrilovski. — okay, you got me.. that’s not actually his name, it’s Jonathan…but he likes to pretend it is sometimes!

This dapper fella right here is not only my boyfriend but my partner in crime (for EVERYTHING)!!!

I guess you could say he introduced me to Lomography, sorta, kinda, maybe not but he was definitely a part of it, and he certainly is a part of why I carry on, my muse, I guess you could say!

Jonfen is crazy, sometimes dresses like a maniac, likes to stand out, burns like a peach and most of all is absolutely hilarious…and this is why I LOVE him and also why he is amazing to photograph!

Credits: warrilow-tong

So there you have it, my crazy, funny, and kind of adorable boyfriend, it’s kinda hard to wrap him up in a few words but you should have already guessed by now, he’s pretty awesome! :)

Credits: warrilow-tong

written by warrilow-tong on 2011-07-27 #lifestyle #jonathan-warrilow-lomopeople-partner-in-crime

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  1. slumbrnghok
    slumbrnghok ·

    Sweet high tops! I like your photos, good insight into what you love about Jonathan.

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