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Who are those three guys with one mission? Read the Q&A with mephisto19 (Q) and the_luxemburger (A) about their way of taking lomographs, red as the new black, and interviews in magazines.

Credits: the_luxemburger

In the “about” section of the_Luxemburger's LomoHome, you can read:

“3 Friends !! 3 Diana F+ !! 1 LOMO LC-A!! 1 LOMO LC-A+ RL !! 1 LOMO LC-A+ !! 1 Mission !!” 

Q: Who are those “3 Friends?” What are their names? Do you have a photo of each? And what do you do in “real life”?

A: We are 3 friends who’ve known each other since kindergarten. We were even in the same class.
After discovering Lomography together, we decided to create a single profile on the website. Yes, we do care about web space.

Our names are:

David – student of Medicine
Ivan – student of Informatics
Claudio – student of Economics

Credits: the_luxemburger

Q: Say a few words about Luxemburg and living there.

A: Luxemburg is small country in Europe. It counts approximately 500,000 inhabitants. Living here is quite fun because you have a lot of different areas packed into a very small country. Our capital city is a real cultural treasure.

Q: Most importantly, what is your mission?

A: Our mission is nothing more than representing Lomography. We live Lomography, feel Lomography, and of course DO Lomography!

Q: Do you see The_Luxemburger as a group of artists or as a group of friends doing art? And are you doing arts?

A: At the start, we were just 3 friends discovering the fantastic world of Lomography. The first few film rolls where miles away from art (under/over-exposed), but as time went by the photos taken were getting better and better.

Hmm well…. Are our pictures art? The definition of art is at least as artistic as art itself. Everything depends on the view of the audience. Take a movie as an example; for yourself it could be the best movie ever, but meanwhile your direct neighbor could think exactly the opposite.

Q: I see that you have different types of LC-As. How do you share them and which one is your favorite and why?

A: Well we share them sometimes but not as often as you might think! Each has his favorite and is pretty loyal to it. You have to see your LC-A as your girlfriend. Would you lend her?

To answer the question about which is our favorite, we voted. The result: everyone had a different opinion.
All LC-As are great. The newer ones have the advantage of MX and higher ISOs, but the older ones also have their own charm.

Q: Please show us your ultimate photo and tell us its story.

A: 3 guys = impossible to decide, so we made a short list of our top 3 photos.

Credits: the_luxemburger

It was such a great day in the circle of good friends. Shooting some rolls of film and David was kissed by a muse!

Credits: the_luxemburger

The summer of our dream in southern France near St. Tropez. Drinking cocktail, swimming, sun and Claudio got creative.

Credits: the_luxemburger

Red is the new black : Ivan just knows how to catch the right moment with an LC-A. In the photo: Toini with her 2 most loved animals on a nice evening.

Q: What is the best camera – film combination for you?

A: Diana F+ with a B&W 120mm film and the great fisheye lens; LC-A with a X-pro film.

Q: Do you have any future photo projects planed?

A: Some projects running (HOLA CHICA) — but it’s a top secret you will find out soon! But I can tell you that very soon, we will be publishing an underwater album shot in Croatia.

Q: You guys travel together. Where would you go if you could choose and why? 

A: Yes, we love to travel. In the last years, we traveled quite a lot together. We shared precious memories. But it’s getting harder and harder to manage time because we study at different universities in different countries.

A few places we visited in the past are: München, Innsbruck, Frankfurt am Main, London, Greece, Italy. If we could choose where to go, we would either make a trip through the United States, from the skyscrapers in NY to the beaches of California; or a trip to the paradise which are the Seychelles. California would be pretty nice.

Q: What question did I forget and you think is important (including answer)?

A: Not a question but information.

A few weeks ago a well known Luxembourg-ish magazine asked us if they could interview us about Lomography. As we try to be unofficial ambassadors for Lomography in Luxembourg, we didn’t hesitate for a second and accepted. The article was published in the first or second issue of July. We will soon post it on the website.

Best regards,


Credits: the_luxemburger

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