Go Back in Time

Fed up with the fast pace of society? Longing to go back in time a few years? Then the Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem, the Netherlands is the perfect place to go to.

Sometimes I feel like the world is going too fast. More running, more work, and more technology. There’s always more. So when I get fed up with my computer, my work, and basically the high pace of everyday life, I escape back into the past.

Here in Arnhem, at the edge of the city, there’s a museum, located on a hill and in the middle of the forest. Or should I say, the forest is in the museum. The museum is an assembly of old houses, old mills and farms throughout the centuries here in the Netherlands.

In the weekends and during holidays it’s crowded with people. Tourists are everywhere. But if you go on a workday, with a little bit of rain, you have some places all to yourself. They sell bread and cheese, all made the old fashion way. They have herbs, and candies most kids don’t even know existed and they have a mill where they make paper. There are farm animals everywhere, hundreds of young frogs in the ponds and a big herb garden.

And the best part? Any lomo camera will fit right in.
“So you’re shooting pictures, are you?” One of the people from the museum asked me.
“Yes, with my dad’s old camera”, I said. “It still uses film.”
“Does it now? You don’t hear that very often and your camera fits right in here.”

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written by luthien on 2011-08-07 #places #history #animals #forest #houses #location #netherlands #escape-from-the-city #arnhem-museum

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