Coney Island


When the humidity in the city is too much to bear, I always gather a few friends (and a few cameras), and hop on the train to Coney Island.

There are few greater sounds than the screams of dozens of people as they plunge through the air on the Cylone roller coaster for the first time. Its what tells me that it’s finally summer!

Every year, they officially mark the beginning of summer with The Mermaid Parade, a crazy all-day event with people dressed in a wild assortment of costumes.

It’s easy to forget that there is a beach (several, actually) in New York City, and easy to get to by train. If you do take the subway, you might want to bring a book or an excellent conversationalist because the train can take well over an hour and half, even if you’re coming from other parts of Brooklyn. Most of the trip runs along an elevated train, so you can look out the window and have a nice little tour of the less touristy parts of New York.

There’s been a controversial plan to redevelop the area recently, and sadly a lot longtime bars, restaurants, and stores have been shut down as a result. Despite the redevelopment, Coney Island still seems a little dirty and rundown. There are broken bottles and trash all over the beach, and strange things floating in the ocean have kept me out of the water on several occasions.

Avoiding the beach, I usually wander along the boardwalk where there are quirky hand painted signs everywhere and more importantly, Nathan’s Hot Dogs.

At the far end of the boardwalk is the Brooklyn Cyclones Stadium. Even though they’re the minor league team for the Mets and the Yankees are far superior, going to a game here can be fun. The combination of the beach, boardwalk games, crazy locals, and cheap baseball is always perfect!

No New York summer is complete without a trip to Coney Island!

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Oh goodness I will be there in 7 weeks and Coney Island is top of my "must do" list. I am stupidly excited!

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