Parc des Buttes Chaumont

The Parc des Buttes Chaumont is so beautiful that you would never guess that it used to be a garbage dump and before that, gallows.

The English-style garden was opened by Napoleon III in 1867 in the 19th arrondissement. Many famous designers and architects, like Baron Haussmann and Gustave Eiffel, contributed to the design of the park.

Th park includes a large lake with a man-made island (topped off with a Roman temple), suspension bridges, waterfalls, footpaths, and beautiful lawns. The more adventurous park goer can even rent a boat or get a fishing permit. People are always walking their dogs here, or going for a walk themselves.

There are several restaurants in and surrounding the park, but something about the lush gardens and picturesque lakeside make it a perfect place for a picnic. Whenever I go there, I make sure to pick up a fresh loaf of bread, some delicious cheese, and a few incredible looking pastries from the bakeries and fromageries nearby. Sometimes I need to stop for delicious coffee, though.

Though it’s easily accessible by Metro or on foot, the park seems like it’s miles away from any bustling city.

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