The New Yankee Stadium

After 85 years in their old home, The New York Yankees moved into a newly-constructed stadium in 2009, right across the street.

The previous Yankee Stadium was built in 1923 (three years after they acquired Babe Ruth), and renovated in 1976, under the ownership of George Steinbrenner. In the 1980s Steinbrenner began campaigning for a new stadium and in 2006, they started construction.

While a lot of the new stadium designs are completely different from the old Yankee Stadium, they did incorporate several details from the original layout, like the field distance markers, and the frieze that lines the roof. The stadium exterior even replicates the original look of the 1923 building.

Though the new stadium has fewer seats (about 4,000 fewer), the stadium overall has a lot more amenities and, in typical Yankees’ style, they practically doubled the size of their stores. Some of the new amenities seem sort of unnecessary (like the indoor “picnic areas” surrounded by multiple TV screens broadcasting the game, happening live right outside), and make trips to a game feel more like going to a mall than a ballpark.

The emphasis on amenities was so heavy, that the center field sports bar they created partially blocks the view of about 600 seats in the bleachers (they’ve since reduced the ticket price for those seats).

Despite the sometimes ridiculous “improvements” made to the new stadium, the shiny new building does have a certain appeal, it definitely feels a lot cleaner than the old stadium, and opening up the bleachers makes it much easier to get full views of the stadium, if you like to wander during the game. The seats are a lot roomier, too.

In the Yankees’ first year here, they even won the World Series! Not a bad start to a fancy new stadium.

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