Holga 135 - El Cheapo Camera with Amazing Capability


For an “el- cheapo” camera, the Holga 135 is quite a versatile camera.

A conversation between me and a friend:

My friend: What is this?
Me: A camera
My friend: Are u sure?
Me: Yes
My friend: Using film?
Me: Yeah
My friend: Still got film these days?
Me: For sure, but difficult to find
My friend: Why do you use this plastic camera? And film? Get a digital camera and save your money.
Me: Come and look photos from this little camera. (browsing the Lomography website)
My friend: Are you sure? Really? Wahooo!!!

And then, my journey into wonderful world of Lomography began.

It was early 2010 when I poisoned myself with this powerful yet ‘healthy’ poison, Lomography. The Holga 135 was the first analogue camera in my life, and I like it a lot.

When I got this camera, I doubted it myself. Is this a camera that makes tons of cool photos with vibrant colors and effects? It is lightweight and black in color, classic and elegant for a small plastic camera.

For an “el cheapo” camera, Holga 135 is quite a versatile camera. Fresh, expired, color negative, slide or black and white film, the photos from this camera can amaze everyone. The plastic lens is a killer, especially when it captures red and blue colors.

For anybody who wants to start exploring Lomography, this is a perfect camera: multiple exposures, bulb mode, variable aperture setting, and a hotshoe that can fit any flash, even if it’s not a Holga flash. For those Lomographers out there, this is a must have camera. Trust me, nothing can go wrong with the amazing Holga 135.

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  1. eightmiles
    eightmiles ·

    nice review..
    planning to get me 1 soon

  2. moonormoon
    moonormoon ·

    beli boh jgn x beli = )

  3. butanen
    butanen ·

    long live the Holga 135!! I have one and love it!

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