Konica WaiWai 800


It’s a very very wide angle camera. Make sure your fingers aren’t caught in the lens when you shoot!

Whether or not it’s proud or not to say, this is my second camera after my Lomography SuperSampler. Introducing the very plastic light-weight reusable disposable camera, The KONICA WAI WAI!

Let me tell you what is so special about this camera and why I called it “Reusable-Disposable” camera. Alright, first of all, this little camera has the super wide17mm lens, and it has a built-in flash. It is supposedly a disposable camera, but we, like to do lots of experi-LOMO-ment, with little modification from some tutorial in YouTube, so in the end, this camera is reusable and even MX mode available.

It came with a Konica 800 pre-loaded, so you can re-load another film after shooting a roll and another. It has fixed aperture of f/8 and one shutter speed of 1/100, which is not bad at all. Besides that, what is fun about it is that there is a mirror mounted on the front merging with the lens works as a view-finder which is really best for self-portraits or group shots with friends. Not to be surprised at all that this baby creates vignettes effects too.

One last thing before I end this up, it cost me shockingly less than 10USD only. Amazing isn’t it? Well now, let’s enjoy the some shots that WaiWai shot.

written by weechonghooi on 2009-08-25 #gear #plastic #self-portrait #review #konica #mirror #disposable #cheap #17mm #vignettes #wideangle


  1. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    very very nice and creative shots! too bad this camera isn't available in our coubntry... err, idk... :-/

  2. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    great review, great cam, #18 is amazing :)

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Beautiful gallery and a great little cam! And I thank you again Hooi to have send me a WaiWai for some cool doubles together!! :)))

  4. dogma
    dogma ·

    wow i cant believe this little gem, cant make such great pictures! :O

  5. weechonghooi
    weechonghooi ·

    this is such an ages submission.. thank you LSI for posting this up... =)

  6. weechonghooi
    weechonghooi ·

    Vicuna, no problem...it's a small thing with big sharing.. and sharing is happiness.. :)

  7. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    can anyone ship me one of these to the UK?

  8. dogma
    dogma ·

    @weechonghooi can anyone share one with me :))))))

  9. stouf
    stouf ·

    Woooo surprisingly good results ! Thanks !

  10. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    wow! incredible shots with a disposable!

  11. maggie_m
    maggie_m ·

    does any one kno where i can find one?

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