Lubitel Love From Waist Level Chapter 41: Lubitel Online

Out there in the virtual online cloud sits a majestic, yet ever-so-inviting “Love shack” which offers an open door, a hot meal, and a hearty two-armed embrace to all Lubitel aficionados who knock upon its front door. This all-encompassing website is the global repository for all things Lubitel – from the original camera’s captivating past to the new Lubitel+’s bright future.

Digital Lover

It’s address is none other than: Come and knock on our door. We’ve been waiting for you. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find inside:

• The most comprehensive collection of Lubitel+ tips, tricks, techniques, and collective knowledge on Earth.
• Interviews, profiles, and projects with Lubitel experts & Lomographic superstars
• Videos and interactive instructional guides for using the Lubitel
• Unbelievable Lubitel galleries – nearly guaranteed to knock your eyes back into your skull
• The latest updates on the next “Lubitel is for Lovers” tour location!
• All manner of networking possibilities with like-minded Lubitel folks.

And in addition all of this Lubitel brouhaha, you might like to pay a visit to a few other noteworthy spots in our Lomographic online world:

Our online Lomographic shop – open 24 hours a days, every day:

Your very own one-room-mansion in our Lomographic world, where you can put your best shots on the walls:

A constantly updated and completely irresistible list of Lomographic events:

The most unbelievable and hugely inspiring FREE photo competitions ever seen:

Our very friendly and local-active Asian partner websites:
Asia Pacific
South Korea

Love Lubitel? Get a copy of the book here

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