Lomography x Paul Simon So Beautiful Or So What Rumble: Winners Announcement


Lomography had the honour of teaming up with the legend that is Paul Simon to bring you a very special rumble, and here are the winners!

Paul Simon has just released a new album, titled ‘So Beautiful Or So What’, so we asked you to submit your images that are ‘so beautiful’ in order to win exclusive prizes from the man himself.

First prize

first prize goes to megs79 for her beautiful Diana F+ multiple exposure

Megs79 wins handwritten lyrics by Paul Simon, a framed, signed image, 180 gram vinyl and deluxe CD/DVD in a 12” box and a Lomo Lubitel 166+.

Runners up


The runners up each get a gift pack of film: Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35, Lomography B+W 100 120 and Lomography Redscale 100 120.

Well done to everyone, there were so many beautiful shots we had a really hard time choosing!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    congraaaaaats :D

  2. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    beautiful shots everybody....well done to all the winners

  3. brendamanthe
    brendamanthe ·

    Congrats to everyone!! The winning shot is truly stunning.

  4. disdis
    disdis ·

    congrats! Great winning pictures!

  5. megs79
    megs79 ·

    Wow! I am so stunned and excited! I love Paul Simon, its an honor:)

  6. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    congrats! really cool photos

  7. wonderdude
    wonderdude ·

    Yay Megs79! She is awesome!!

  8. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Really great shots...megs79 is awesome

  9. yarah
    yarah ·

    great winning pictures!!! Congrats!

  10. yarah
    yarah ·

    great winning pictures!!! Congrats!

  11. lucretia
    lucretia ·

    incredible shots! congrats!

  12. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Congrats to all, amazing shots and what a prize!

  13. rudemuinho
    rudemuinho ·

    congrats @megs79, very very beautiful pic!!!

  14. aprilrich427
    aprilrich427 ·


  15. 1minute1second
    1minute1second ·

    wow, so beautiful- all of them!

  16. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    Very beautiful

  17. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    wow! those are WINNERS!!!!

  18. lamp
    lamp ·

    Fantastic shots!

  19. jonolomo
    jonolomo ·

    great winning shots!!!

  20. photohuggers
    photohuggers ·

    uoh! so happy! =)
    congratz to everyone!! all great photos!

  21. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    congratx to the winners :) awesome shots

  22. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    congrats to all esp. megs79. you're so lucky!

  23. deedeet
    deedeet ·

    congrats you guys!!

  24. jennysparkle
    jennysparkle ·

    Well done Megs! Amazing pictures people!

  25. freyfrey
    freyfrey ·

    congrats, beautiful photos indeed!

  26. leela_dark
    leela_dark ·

    well deserved winner shots, congrats to all!

  27. leela_dark
    leela_dark ·

    well deserved winner shots, congrats to all!

  28. welland
    welland ·

    Rad shots, well deserved

  29. 86john
    86john ·


  30. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    WOW to the winner!

  31. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·

    well deserved! congratulations...

  32. nleppa
    nleppa ·

    Loved the hot air balloon shot!!! 1st place for sure!

  33. panelomo
    panelomo ·


  34. littlemisslove
    littlemisslove ·

    @all - Paul Simon just mentioned this competition on facebook! www.facebook.com/paulsimon/posts/241528502532251

  35. _rebecca
    _rebecca ·

    Realy bautiful photos!

  36. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    a very, very well deserved win, that picture is truly breathtaking.

  37. warning
    warning ·

    Congratulations everyone!.

  38. bulletofmine
    bulletofmine ·

    congrats to the winners, they deserved to get it . beautiful shot !

  39. hanifmaidin
    hanifmaidin ·

    awesome shot.. congrats

  40. xtina70
    xtina70 ·

    wow!! congrats buddies :)

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