Chronotebook: An Analogue Day Planner

Possibly for the first time, a day planner utilizes an analogue clock graphic instead of a numeric time format to help us keep track of our activities.

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Unlike the typical planner with busy rows and columns, the Chronotebook has practically blank cream-colored pages and only a face of an analogue clock right smack in the middle. This layout seems to provide more flexbility in organizing our day as we can easily plot activities on the rule-free sheets.

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It is reminiscent of the ancient time-measuring device, the sundial, which marks the hours of the day with shadows cast by the sun. The shadows fall on the face of the dial in a circular progression, which is also how the Chronotebook is meant to be written on. It is possible that its designers at Japanese retail company, Muji, had this circadian rhythm natural to us in mind, resulting in a more intuitive approach to jotting down tasks.

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