Be Rock and Stay Real with Music and Analogue Photography!


If you’re fond of live gigs and concerts, have you ever fancied attending one with your analogue beauty and enjoy nice music together? What makes film cameras better companions for me in concerts than their digital competitors? Please read on…

The reason is simple. Why do you prefer going to live gigs and concerts? Watching DVDs at home may be a much more comfortable way to enjoy gigs with the same rundown, so why bother rushing for tickets and even have to get on the flight for a performance held abroad that last only for 2 hours or so?

And yes, the reason is simple enough! Concerts and live gigs are something analogue, and the feeling and atmosphere experienced in live performance are irreplaceable and could not be captured in DVDs! Participation is the only way out.

Have you ever fancied attending live gigs with your beloved analogue camera then? It’s an incredibly great idea indeed! Actually, those analogue beauties could just give you much more than you imagine when compared to the digital ones:

(1) Stay real with distance
Digital cameras can let you zoom in as close to the artists as possible, so, why bother use analogue ones? Actually, that’s the point! You stay real with the distance from the artist when using analogue cameras, and if you wanna take a closer look, the only way to achieve this is to come closer and closer! So, what does it mean if you’ve got an out-of-focus shot with your Horizon Perfekt? That means you’ve come really close to your beloved artist!

Ohlala…my favorite guitarist is just a meter away from me!

(2) Obtain imperfect yet perfect shots
Shots taken during concerts may look a bit imperfect: blurred images due to shaky hands, blackened subjects while shooting against the light, over/under exposed images, etc. But the perfect side is they captured the atmosphere, feeling and smell of the live performance, and when you look at one of the blurred shots, you may remember how crazily you shake your light stick, waving hands and cheering for your beloved band!

(3) Golden opportunity to put the golden rules into practice!
Let Lomography be part of your life: take your camera everywhere (including concerts!) you go, use it anytime (day and night), get closer, be fast, don’t think too much and try the shot from the hip (haha, maybe over your head this time!)! Let the lab do the rest and just sit back and expect the unexpected surprises that your shots would bring!

Tips for choosing which analogue beauty to take:

(1) Choose cameras with Bulb mode (such as the La Sardina and Diana Mini) or those capable of taking long exposure shots (such as LC-A+, Horizon and Fuji Natura Classica, etc) as most of the live gigs or concerts are held indoors or at night. Bigger aperture preferred. Flash is optional — actually, I’ve never use it in concerts as it might disturb other audience.

(2) Choose cameras with a neck strap, say, Horizon. During concerts, your feet would be busy jumping up and down and hopping around and you hands would be busy waving and shaking light sticks or even shaking hands with your beloved artists! It’s obvious that it’s impossible for you to hold your camera throughout the concert, but it’s very important to have the camera ready all the time so that you could capture every precious moment instantly – and a neck trap would the perfect solution!

(3) Bring a camera with zone focus mode such as LC-A+ and La Sardina so that you could truly “be fast” while capturing moments that you can’t miss!

(4) Wanna capture a wider shot to let you squeeze thousands of audiences into just one shot? Just widen your horizons effortlessly with your Horizon Perfekt!

(5) Wanna have concert shots with sprockets? The Sprocket Rocket would be your perfect partner!

Next time, don’t hesitate and take your analogue beauty with you while attending live gigs and concerts! You’ll surely be rewarded with unique and wonderful shots recording every memorable moment that you experienced with your beloved friends, artists and last but not least, your analogue beauty!

Be rock and lomo-on!

(Just a quick reminder…being a considerate Lomographer, if photography is not allowed in the concert, please respect the will of the artist. Lomography Golden Rule #10 doesn’t apply in this case :P)

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  1. feelux
    feelux ·

    A good read! I'll do this next time! :)

  2. gateau
    gateau ·

    @feelux: worth to give it a try as you'll have some great shots in reward! :D

  3. odax
    odax ·

    I dunno, the gigs and concerts I've been to, I prefer not to take any cameras. Solely because I'm always right in the front in the moshpit. And it is brutal. Best one I went to was Peaches, I came out of there covered in bruises, scratches, and a little bit of blood.

  4. photomood
    photomood ·

    I'm going to try it out, I have a few concerts planning in november :D Good article!

  5. johnd
    johnd ·

    yep! had some great fun with my LC-A+ at festivals this summer! and of course there's always the challenge of trying to find the least dusty and hectic corner of the show to swap in a new roll of film haha

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